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Evil SW characters Part Deux

I could post about the numbskull selling her unlicensed SW fan fiction novel on, but about a dozen people already have. The only thing I could add is the response from Lucasfilm's Sue Rostoni on's message board:

Don't buy it -- it will only encourage this type of thing. I'm really surprised that the publisher took the risk in publishing this, and that agreed to sell it. Obviously, they're going to be contacted by our legal department....

Ya think?

I've looked at a few of the more prominent baddies in my previous post and why they were, well, bad.  I did forget to mention Tarkin, a guy whose ambition allowed him to blow up a billion people just to make a point.  His arrogance and faith in technology (which in turn was supposed to increase his power…who's going to mess with the chap in charge of the galaxy's most feared weapon?) did him in.

I'll also mention that I don’t consider random Imperial officers, clonetroopers/stormies, or battle droids to be evil.  Droids are just programming with limbs.  Cloned soldiers are, at least in these movies, droids with a little more independent thought and the occasional need to go wee wee. Even though Commander Cody was Obi-Wan's pal one minute and was trying to shoot him down literally the next, he was "programmed" that way.  Many, if not most, Imps are just guys working for the wrong side.  They're like the Wehrmacht of the SW universe.

Vader was unquestionably evil.  One could argue that some of his actions were worse than those of many of the other baddies I've mentioned.  Yet, at the end, he's forgiven.  He's forgiven because he's redeemed himself and he did that only by changing his heart.  Once I saw a bumper sticker that said those who wait for the 11th hour to repent often die at 10:59 and that pretty much describes the rest of the villains.  They either never had the chance to change or they just didn't want to.  Vader got that chance and when he finally figured out he not only could choose differently, he had the freedom to act upon that choice, then he was at last able to fulfill the prophecy.  Now, I've figured since ROTS that Vader wasn't a Sith the way Palpie or Maul or even Dooku were.  There was that "ounce of good in him" still and the possible reasons why are worth an entire meta by itself.  Yet, it wouldn't have made any difference had he not made the conscious decision to change.

Anakin was a very lucky guy in two respects; he had Luke and he had the opportunity to be redeemed.  I suppose he remains the Force's favorite son throughout the saga because after all, he was created to carry out a specific mission.  Fortunately, he came through.


surprised that the publisher took the risk in publishing this, and that agreed to sell it. Obviously, they're going to be contacted by our legal department....

Ya think?

I know. That was a sort of, well yea... moment there.

The funny thing is everybody is saying, "Yeah, get 'er!"

as for the stormtroopers and regular imperials being evil/not evil...

you do have to look at the actions that they take upon themselves to impress their bosses...
was the slaughter of the jawa sandcrawler really necessary?
was the incineration of the lars moisture farm really necessary?

were the troopers who committed these actions just following orders or did they interpret their orders to leave no survivors as opposed to simply recover the droids.

the troops and officers of the Episode III era - i don't consider evil.
however, working under evil leadership slowly corrupts them - those who had some sense of what they were doing was wrong either left the service (on their own, or were removed) while those who relished in the opportunity for increased violence got promoted. as more of the 'good' imperials saw the wrongness of the empire and defected to the rebels, i can suppose that the moral direction of the empire's rank and file military was leaning toward evil.

if it takes being evil to get to the top, the people who want to get to the top will show off how evil they are.

and Tarkin is definitely a villain on par with the Emperor or Vader. like you said, his pride was his downfall. he overestimated their chances.

The actions of individual officers and stormies can be evil; I realize there were plenty of people who wholeheartedly accepted and justified the Empire's policies no matter how cruel or sadistic. And the "I was only following orders" defense is pretty shallow.

But as a whole, I'm not so certain. I don't think for instance, the techs were evil. Mistaken, perhaps, in sticking with the Empire. On the other hand, there is the conversation in Clerks about contractors ;).

there could be some areas of expertise (engineering, medicine, research) within the empire where the staff don't necessarily witness the evil that the empire does and so might be kept more ignorant of the evil that is around them or manages to develop a psychological disconnet- "i know that other aspects of the empire are evil, but what i'm doing isn't related to that - i just build tools to break asteroids apart" . But there's less of an excuse for those who are involved in the front line aspects of subjugation.
when an organization has to keep some part of itself blinded in order to keep those people from questioning the morality of the organization.. there's something evil afoot there.. but as you say.. there could be a decent-sized contingent of peoplw who were mistaken or misled or blind to the big picture.